Personalized radio for car dealerships

Did you know that personalized radio in a dealership helps to sell more?

In-store radio is a powerful marketing tool designed to increase customer dwell time in a store, stimulate purchases, and enhance the performance of commercial and promotional initiatives.

Important neuromarketing studies have demonstrated that music has an effect on emotions, stimulates the release of endorphins, can influence consumer behavior, and creates a positive perception of the environment in which it is played.

With personalized radio, we ensure that the experience is complete and full of positive emotions.

Create empathy

Music increases empathy and the ability to connect with customers, and they are more receptive when interacting with your employees.
Music helps to engage customers in the mood of the dealership and provide them with a positive and complete experience.

Alleviates waiting times

Music encourages customers to stay within the dealership: waits, for example, seem more bearable thanks to the music. Customers are encouraged to stroll among the cars, to dream of driving them, to imagine the moment when they will be behind the wheel.

Builds customer loyalty

And finally, music stimulates brand loyalty when the musical proposal is consistent with the brand identity and the products on display. If you sell top-of-the-line sports cars, the music should be modern and upbeat. If you sell family cars, ambient music is preferable. And so on.

Radio for car dealerships

The automotive sector has understood the importance of targeted communication through radio for several years now. The personalized radio that transmits inside dealerships is today a consolidated marketing tool and all the most important dealerships have a branded one that transmits and communicates with customers in their sales points.

The personalized radio for dealerships includes a musical schedule which, combined with themed content, improves the customer experience inside the store, and by passing commercials for cars on sale, promotions and various initiatives, increases the value of sales by up to 10%. %. And that’s not insignificant!

Dealerships image
Dealerships image

Involve your customers!

With the personalized radio a Dealership can communicate directly with customers from the first moment they set foot inside the store to the moment they leave. The editorial content and single-brand commercials (or of the brands present inside the point of sale) broadcast will guide your customers among the cars on sale. But there’s more.

With personalized music it will be possible to guide the pace inside the dealership between the different cars on sale, more or less slowly, depending on the days and the turnout at different times of the day, making customers’ stay inside more pleasant of the store, encouraging them to purchase or return.

Furthermore, with personalized radio, you’ll always have the certainty of managing purchasing advice within the radio schedule. Therefore, there is no risk of hearing commercials from competing brands being broadcast. And that’s not insignificant!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm about to open a new business, and I would like to have my own personalized radio: what should I do?

    By contacting our offices, an expert will be at your disposal to gather all the necessary information to identify the most suitable solution for your needs. We will suggest various possible options or the one most suitable for you, taking into account your needs, product category, and brand identity.

    Can I customize my radio with the music I like?

    Of course: you can choose your preferred schedule from one of the grids created by our experts and tailored for different sectors, or you can have a completely customized programming. Our experts will explain all the options to you, and you can decide freely.

    What content can be included in the programming?

    We can create and incorporate your personalized jingles, designed to welcome your customers, and promotional spots to inform them about the ongoing offers.
    Additionally, you can choose to include real-time news and many other daily or weekly segments, always included in the subscription fee.

    How is the radio connected in the store?

    You can choose to listen to the radio through our web application directly on your PC or device, or through one of our devices that we will provide you already configured. Both solutions are easy to manage and integrate into various daily activities.

    How quickly can you create my radio?

    In less than 3 days, your personalized radio will be on air and ready to be integrated into your business.

    How much does it cost to activate your service?

    Our prices are customized but absolutely competitive. With a meeting or a brief call, we will gather all the necessary information to understand your actual needs and formulate a personalized proposal that includes all the services required to deliver a quality service. The proposal you will receive will be clear, transparent, and without surprises.

    In case of technical issues, how do you intervene?

    We guarantee qualified technical support within a few minutes of reporting, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

    What costs do I have to incur in addition to the monthly fee?

    If you use commercial music, you will also have to pay SIAE and SCF.
    If you choose to use one of our Royalty-Free playlists, we will directly provide you with the music rights license, and you won’t have to incur any additional costs.

    I already have the service active with another provider, but I would like to switch to yours: how can I activate the service with you?

    If you decide to become our customer, you won’t have to worry about anything; we take care of everything. Ours is a turnkey service.