A personalized radio boosts your sales!

RadioXStore offers much more than just music!

In-store radio is a true marketing tool aimed at increasing customer dwell time in a store, prompting Call To Action, enhancing the performance of commercial and promotional initiatives, and boosting the value of receipts.

You might wonder how all of this is possible? Simple: with music, but not only with that!

For it to work, you need a Sound Design project where nothing is left to chance, and this is where RadioXStore comes into play, offering you:

  • music consistent with your brand
  • alternating music with personalized content (commercials and radio programs)
  • music managed by a centralized system that takes into account various factors: the target audience, the time of day, the flow of customers in your store, just to name a few.

RadioXStore lights up your radio!

Turning on the radio in the store should be regarded as a genuine marketing activity. And, for this reason, music alone is not enough. The radio played in the store should feature music and content aligned with the brand’s values, along with advertising spots that integrate seamlessly with the business activities. That’s why our experts will work with you to define, based on your goals and brand identity, the music to broadcast and the content to produce—whether it’s ads or talk segments—that align with your clientele.

With our sound designers, we will choose playlists tailored to your industry. We will define a musical rotation that is suitable for your target customers. Above all, we will select it to be in line with your brand values and the characteristics of your business.

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A radio that speaks about you with your customers.

With our copywriters, we will craft texts that will be interpreted by professional speakers and voice actors capable of amplifying the emotions of your customers with their voice.
Experts in mixing and music will select the best musical background for all announcements, commercials, and more.

We will work together to define the playlist, the schedule, and which speakers to engage. Together, we will choose the best voices to represent your store carefully, considering the emotions they can convey.

What we offer

RadioXStore creates personalized radios for shops and points of sale in every type of commercial sector. It offers a turnkey service, from the idea to the on-air launch of the personalized radio schedule, continuous updates, and 7-day technical support.

News e Programs

Schedules enriched with daily live segments from 05:00 to 24:00, 7 days a week, featuring news from Italy and around the world, sports, weather updates, and a wealth of infotainment content.

Custom Jingles and Spots

Custom jingles and spots with professional voices, included in the monthly fee, for an immediate and positive listening experience, supporting customer sales.

SIAE and SCF licenses

All the songs in our catalog are covered by SIAE and SCF licenses to allow you to choose the music you prefer with complete peace of mind.

Royalty Free Music

We have a Royalty-Free Music catalog containing thousands of tracks. The licenses are issued by our company and are included in the monthly fee at no additional cost.


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