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The benefits of in-store radio

Neuromarketing has shown that music haspositive effects on people’s behavior. It affects emotions, stimulates the release of endorphins, influences consumer behavior, and creates a positive perception of the place. Why is it important to have an in-store radio for shops and businesses open to the public? Here are the advantages.


The in-store radio broadcasts programs, ads, and songs. So, it engages and creates the right mood. In the gym, rhythmic music encourages exercise; in a supermarket, it stimulates customers to stay in the store, and in a pharmacy, it encourages them to purchase products.

Waiting times

A personalized in-store radio helps enhance the customer’s stay. Waiting times and queues, for example, seem more bearablethanks to the music. Through in-store radio, you can also modulate the pace in the store, encouraging customers to linger among various products.


The music from a personalized digital radio stimulates loyalty if the content is consistent with the brand identity and service. A gym should have intense rhythms, a yoga class aims for relaxing sounds, and a shopping mall invests in pop and jingles.

Do you want to enhance your retail spaces?

Don’t wait; the competition has already created a welcoming environment for customers. Sometimes, the right musical choice is enough to make a difference. And transform a nondescript place into a space where it becomes enjoyable to spend time shopping.

Why have a radio in store?

Just as you take care of product packaging or the logo, the music in your retail space deserves attention: it’s a marketing tool to sell more and increase conversions.

Because with a customized in-store web radio, whether for supermarkets, gyms, pharmacies, or medical offices, you create the sonic identity of a store or commercial establishment.

The music and broadcasts you’ve created reflect the image and values of the brand. In short, a clear identity is created. But not only that. So you can communicate with your customers.

You pamper and accompany them throughout their shopping experience during their entire stay in the store or department store. The personalized radio helps to sell. Start now, find your industry, and customize the spaces for your audience.


In-store radio for supermarkets

How to create your brand’s radio?

Many customers understand the importance of a web radio in the store or point of sale, but the questions are clear: What to do to have a suitable experience? Who can help me create jingles, commercials, and a radio schedule suitable for my business and customers?

We propose a continuous and personalized broadcast in line with your brand. We help you outline a branded radio that assists in communicating, entertaining, and above all, selling more effectively. We do this by combining creativity and technical expertise.

Thanks to copywriters, technicians, and radio industry experts, we help you select music, create radio programs, and craft personalized promotional content. We offer you the right playlist and commercials to capture your target audience.

Do you want to focus on corporate storytelling and work with an in-house radio for your company? We can give you the opportunity to broadcast customized music in stores, radio announcements in bars, and wellness centers. Using up to 10 different professional voices as well.


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How to create your brand’s radio?

RadioXStore is part of Ciesse Company, professionals with experience in communication tailored to any brand. We can create customized radios for GDO (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata), hypermarkets, retail and retail sales. But also for gyms, medical practices, and pharmacies.

In our team, we have marketing experts, sound designers, radio speakers, and advertising copywriters. Inside, there are also computer experts and radio and television engineers who can assist clients every day, 24/7.

The opinions of those who have chosen RadioXStore

Do you need a personalized radio but are looking for more information about our company? Exactly, that’s why you can take a look at the reviews of businesses that have already implemented a branded radio and are reaping the benefits of this tool.

Fantastic music selection! We really like it.


We have a Trony store and we use Radio X Store. We are doing great. Congratulations on the great music!


Stra Top music! I can’t do without it anymore.


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We know how important it is to have a personalized radio in your store, hotel and wherever your customers or employees are. But we also have some useful insights to help you integrate radio into your marketing strategy.

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